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Cook For Love is a culinary project of National PKU News, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and education to individuals, families, and clinicians managing Phenylketonuria (PKU). Our site provides low-protein recipes from Cook For Love Founder Brenda Winiarski, favorite low-protein recipes from Virginia Schuett's cookbooks, Malathy Ramanujam of Taste Connections, and many others. Our community engine allows HowMuchPhe.org users to upload and share their own recipes with the community, with phe/pro/exchange content validated by HowMuchPhe.org.
Nope! All of our recipes are 100% free. You do need to create an account and agree to our terms & conditions, but are a friendly community. If you want to add your own recipes, you do need an account on HowMuchPhe.org. This allows us to make sure that the phe & protein content of your recipes is verified and safe to be shared with other users.
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It really depends on the recipe. The first thing you need is a great starting place, which means a recipe that is tried and true--for this reason, I usually turn to Cook's Illustrated. I wish there was a magic formula where one ingredient was simply replaced by another and it was guaranteed success. Unfortunately that has not been the case (for me anyway). Wheat starch and xanthan gum typically replaces the majority of the flour in a recipe. Eggs are a bit trickier--I always reduce them but cannot always eliminate them and still get results I am happy with. They serve many functions in a recipe like binding, leavening, moisture and flavor. It is figuring out what role they play in the recipe and figuring out how you can mimic it by either using a smaller amount or finding a substitute. It is a lot of trial and error, but I find that it only takes me a few tries lately as opposed to a few years!

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