About Us

Cook For Love

Cook for Love is a non-for-profit dedicated to the metabolic community. Our mission is to empower members of our community to improve their health through cooking and education. Our goal is to dispel the myth that, given severe dietary restrictions, people on low protein diets must settle for less.

Cook for Love evolved out of sheer stubbornness in 2008. As a mom, Brenda refused to accept that her daughter had to eat foods that she did not find palatable. Providing nourishment is one of the most basic responsibilities of any parent. The stakes are just so much higher and the road so much more complicated when your child is diagnosed with PKU or any other IEM. When Brenda received that devastating phone call, she too was lost and did not know where to begin. The kitchen seemed like a good place to start. Cooking for a person is an expression of love. Never is that statement more true when your child’s ability to reach their potential is dependent upon the foods they eat.

Ten years later Brenda remains astounded by the metabolic community’s support and the delicious recipes they too have created. Facebook was not the right platform to share recipes so Cook for Love joined forces with PKU News and How Much Phe to create a community based recipe site to provide even more variety to those with metabolic disorders. All of the recipes are run through How Much Phe so you can be confident that the protein content is accurate.

Cook for Love is committed to creating low protein foods that taste delicious. We have all struggled in our kitchens and by sharing our recipes we hope you get to avoid some of the frustration we experienced. We provide step by step instructions and videos for making meals and treats that you and your loved ones will truly enjoy.

Whether you love to cook or are doing it solely out of love, please join us as we share new recipes and our experiences. Here's some news on what we have planned in the coming months.