My family tells me I'm a good cook. My mother grew up in the great depression and it was quickly apparent to me that I would have to learn to cook if I didn't want to eat the more unique meals of the depression era and so...I did. I cooked for my husband and 2 kids, I host the holidays, and I love to host in general. In the south we often give food as gifts so it has really always been a place I could be creative and I felt confident in my skills. In 2017 when my granddaughter, Zoey, was born we had never even heard of a urea cycle disorder, let alone Argininosuccinic aciduria. We found out that her diet would be different, but I was determined that different didn't need to mean boring or unimaginative. As she has gotten older I have adapted recipes of mine, created new ones, and experimented plenty! It's a lot of trial and error but it's a labor of love and I couldn't be happier than to share some of these recipes with others who might enjoy them as much as she does. In our spare time, we are world travelers and I love to collect ideas from other countries and adapt them for Zoey to try when we return home.