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Browned Butter Sour Cream Frosting

Browned Butter Sour Cream Frosting   Author: Brenda Winiarski Nutrition Information Yield: 3 cups Serving size: 30 gm Phe Per Serving: 8 mg Mg phe/ Gm food: .24 mg/gm Calories Per Serving: 150 kcal Phe Per Recipe: 184 mg Calories Per Recipe: 3607 kcal Protein Per Serving: .15 gm Prep time:  15 mins Total time:  15 mins Print This frosting has a slight tang […]

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Jackfruit Prep

Jackfruit Prep   Author: Brenda Winiarski Print Jackfruit is an amazing substitute for meat in countless recipes, but it needs to be prepped properly. That starts with getting the right kind — Young Green Jackfruit in Brine — the one in syrup will not work. You can find it at a good Asian supermarket or online. […]

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Thanksgiving Game Plan

THANKSGIVING SURVIVAL GUIDE The Game Plan Up to 7 days before serving: Make the biscuits and freeze Do you have low protein bread for stuffing?  If not, make, slice and freeze Make the pie crust and freeze Up to 5 days before serving: Make the cranberry-orange sauce Up to 3 days before serving: Make the […]

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General Rising Tips

For dough to rise, it is a balance between temperature (of the room and the ingredients), time and of course the ingredients (especially the yeast). Yeast: First, make sure your yeast has not expired. Once a package of yeast is open, it will begin to absorb the moisture from the air and slowly come to life.  […]

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Crispy Lemon Cookies

Crispy Lemon Cookies   Author: Brenda Winiarski Print These delicious crunchy cookies are so good with a cup of tea. I love that you can slice and bake as desired, leaving the log in the freezer. Ingredients 16 tablespoons (2 sticks) butter [96 mg] 1 cup sugar [0 mg] 290 gm (2 ¼ cup) wheat starch […]

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Pasta Salad

This pasta salad is wonderful to bring to any Barbeque. There is enough dressing and vegetables for 1 pound of pasta, so figure out what portions you need of high and low protein pasta and divide appropriately.The total phe in the recipe is 443 mg, so you can figure out how much phe is in […]

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